We help founders

to launch, test and grow their ideas.

M enables founders to build market-leading companies.

Venture Building

Wir unterstützen Gründer strategisch und operativ auf dem Weg von der Findung Ihrer Geschäftsidee zur Evaluierung der Umsatzpotenziale bis hin zur Skalierung.

Business Model Testing

Sales Development

What we do

A boutique consulting practice helping companies define and build digital capabilities.

I’ve been working in the startup industry for over 5 years and as an independent consultant for the last 2 years – working with founders and startups – advising on content marketing, brand, audience development, organizational design and growth.

I think of clients like partners and typically don’t get hired to make spreadsheets. I’ll make the spreadsheets anyway, but you hire me to care about your business.


I learned some pretty cool lessons as a student, entrepreneur, investor and digital nomad. I’m here to share what I’ve learned with you!

You don’t have to figure it out alone!

Contact me at any time:

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